Organic Chocolate Mini Easter Eggs  – 10 pieces, 120 g

Monate Chocolate golden eggs are filled with raw cacao love 40 to 70% dark artisan chocolate. Indulge the taste buds when you want something chocolatey with a sumptuous texture and taste yet earth-friendly and healthy. They are handcrafted in a secret jungle in the middle of Johannesburg using organic and ethically sourced ingredients using a bean-to-bar, slow chocolate-making process that enhances their magical and blissful chocolatey effects.

They are dairy-free, vegan friendly and sweetened with coconut blossom sugar so you can spoil any and everyone you love with these delightful expressions of love this easter.

Luxurious and exclusively hand crafted chocolate made with single-origin cacao beans. Guilt-free chocolate, cunningly absent of sugar, dairy, additives and other nasties. Made with love.

Cacao content: 40% Indonesian cacao
Raw & lightly roasted cacao nibs, cacao powder, coconut blossom sugar, , cacao butter, 100% raw chocolate love & passion.

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