About Us

Monate Chocolate madi in South Africa

Lara Sklaar, our chief chocolate cooksister, the founder & chocolate maker of Monate Chocolate, independently opened Monate Chocolate in 2014. Monate Chocolate is made at the Monate Chocolate factory in the secret garden jungle in Ilovo Sandton.

Monate; maw-nah-tee; delicious in Sotho because local is lekka.

Lara has been making chocolate & immersed in the chocolate revolution for fair trade ethical chocolate, the mission to save the world with silliness & chocolate since 2010. Her first chocolate company Fine & Raw Jozi was a branch of her brothers company, FINE & RAW chocolate in NYCShe is a creative spirit who is passionate about cacao & chocolate & loves making all things delicious.


Lara is available to discuss cacao, chocolate & the growth of organic, ethical, artisan chocolate around the globe and locally or to chat about the multitude of health benefits of raw cacao. 

We promise there will always be more chocolate involved!


monate Chocolate

Monate Chocolate is a unique artisan chocolate company.
Our mission is to save the world with chocolate.

Bean-to-Bar, artisan chocolate crafted by hand, in micro-batches with ethically sourced single-origin cacao.

Monate Chocolate Gift Hamper
Monate gorgeous, guilt free chocolate is free of refined sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, additives, preservatives, no GMO’s. We specialize in making  good chocolate that is really good for you and the environment. Yum!
Sugar-free guilt-free NO-GMOs dairy-free raw-cacao ethical-chocolate