Monatê pronounced ~ Maw-naah-teê ~ is literally the Sotho word for delicious.

Monatê Chocolate is magnificently crafted in South Africa.

At Monatê Chocolate we use only the finest ethically produced, organic ingredients to craft delicious chocolate with all the incredible health benefits of raw CACAO, the most powerful superfood on the planet. Chock full of flavinols, anti-oxidants, essential minerals, like Magnesium, bliss chemicals and the essential component deliciousness.

Tucked away in a little jungle in Johannesburg is the Monatê Chocolate secret chocolate factory. Using our own original recipes, each treasured batch of chocolate is hand crafted, with love in the tempered mix. Employing ancient methods and slow, low heat processes, to ensure ultimate chocolate taste, vitality, magic and quality. If you thought Willy Wonka was the only wacky chocolate maker, you thought wrong!


monate chocolate bonbon bon bons
All other ingredients are similarly selected, from natural, organic, raw and ethical sources - fruits, roots, seeds, natural, un-refined, low glycemic sweeteners, herbs and spices and all things nicest.
We've been crafting chocolate in the factory since 2010. Previously called Fine & Raw Chocolate, Jozi, in 2015 we rebranded to Monatê Chocolate. We make Chocolate at the Monatê Chocolate factory in Illovo, Johannesburg. Fine & Raw Chocolate is my brother's chocolate company in Brooklyn, NY, USA and where Monatê Chocolate got it's roots .

Saving the world with silliness & chocolate.


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