Monate Chocolate, artisan chocolate company.

Our mission is to save the world with chocolate.

Monate pronounced ~ Maw-nah-tee ~  means delicious [in Sotho]

Luxurious and exclusively hand-crafted organic, raw chocolate made with single-origin cacao beans. 

We are passionate about cacao and chocolate making. Using ancient low-heat techniques for crafting chocolate by hand in micro batches, to ensure ultimate taste and pure enjoyment. Monate chocolate is made with magic & love to be guilt-free! Cunningly absent of sugar, dairy, additives & other nasties. 

The raw cacao used to make Monate Chocolate is full of flavanols, antioxidants, essential minerals, like Magnesium, natural bliss chemicals, heart-healthy fat and deliciousness. Yum! 

Monatê Chocolate magically delicious*

We hand make Monate Chocolate at our chocolate factory in Illovo, Johannesburg using ethically and organically sourced cacao beans, using only the finest raw and organic ingredients.

Monatê Chocolate is a proudly South African brand, we are dedicated to conscious chocolate confectionery commerce, creating local jobs, creating sustainability and uplifting the environment.

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